1. How can I book my IRCTC tatkal ticket using "easy tatkal.com"?

Uninstall earlier version of extension, latest version is 7 and above:

  1. Login using any of the option i.e through Gmail or Facebook.
  2. Under section "Fill Form", click on button "Enable"->Install browser extension pop up->Install it.
  3. Click on another "Enable" button ->Click on button "I want to use" on pop-up.
  4. Fill all the details in form and say save.
  5. User will get redirected to Option tab.
  6. Click on button "Active" against the form and fill the "More" section.
  7. Open the IRCTC and you can see all the details getting automatically filled at each stage.

So,in this way it fills all your details in fraction of second as the page loads and saves your time of filling the form and then clicking on train no and class to complete the process.

2. What are the pre-requisite for easy takal.com to work?

You should have latest Chrome or Firefox browser installed on your machine. And to get most out of easytatkal.com save forms before half an hour of opening of booking.

3. Why should I give my IRCTC username and password?

Its for the user ease that once the user opens IRCTC website you don't have to enter your credential it will automatically be populated as provided by user in form.

4. What is the use of "Auto upgradation"?

The Class of travel may be upgraded automatically to the next higher class. If you do not want to be considered for upgradation, please do not check the option box. In case user selected "Auto Up gradation" option while booking ticket, User should check the PNR (upgraded) status of ticket before boarding the Train.

5. Under Option section what is the use of Button "Export All" ?

As this is easytatkal policy that we don't save any of the credential or trip detail, its saved in browser. So, when user login on one browser and don't want to re-type the same form on different browser then go on

  1. Button Export All->Copy the code.
  2. Open the new browser ,Go on Import->Paste the code->Import Form
The same form will get created in new browser.

NOTE-User can also mail the code of the form on his mail. So, that when the user login through another browser or on another system he can save time by just importing the code.

6. After filling the form I could see Green coloured "Active" button against the form name? what is its use?

Active- means form is enabled and when user open the IRCTC so all the details as provided by user in easytatkal form will be filled in IRCTC. For ex:- The IRCTC Login details will be filled, if the user has provided the credentials while filling the form.

7. What's the use of Section "More"?

This is again for user ease once user has provided the input here, he doesn't need to go on click on the train number and the class i.e sleeper or AC that will be automatically populated for him.

8. When to use the section "Save other website form"?

User can use this to save any form or login credential of any website. Just follow this steps:

  1. Copy the website address from address bar of browser. And Paste it in textbox and click on Add button.
  2. Reload the website (Copied address not easytatkal) and start typing in textbox of website, it will start saving one after one textbox and textbox border will go green.
  3. Now whenever you visit that website forms will automatically populate.

9. I have changed the journey date on easytatkal.com

After changing the date on easytatkal, click on "Home" on irctc.co.in to start from beginning.

10. How can I add more browser in Chrome?

Goto Setting. Then scroll down People > Add person...

11. How to troubleshoot easytatkal?

If you face any problem follow these steps,

  1. Login to your account & enable easytatkal. Without enable don't uninstall extension.
  2. Copy all your forms using Export All feature.
  3. Then remove easytatkal plugin.
  4. Now reload website and install fresh plugin.