It often happens that there is an urgent need to travel and so tatkal booking becomes the only option to book the ticket. Here the scenario is, apart from the Internet connection that you are using, one of the most important factors between you and your confirmed booking is "Time". You need to be very quick while booking a tatkal ticket and if you're not a fast typist you may end up filling passenger detail form just to find that there are no seats left. For Tatkal tickets, IRCTC website opens at 10 AM and you have to be quick enough to fill the passenger details form which can improve your chances of getting a ticket.

Autofill irctc website helps you to save your General/Tatkal form filling time. What you need to do is just save the values in this website and then see the magic of Automatic form filling on irctc site. Try it once before you actually book your ticket. Just fill the credentials, travel details, passenger details and click on save on each page. The most important is the Passenger details which consume more time, however auto filling your credentials also saves your session time.

Open the irctc site, you get the credentials filled, just click login, you move to Plan my travel Page which is again automatically filled. Next when you book ticket the Passenger details are already filled for you. Wow.. Feels great to see the magic! Just enter the Captcha and you can Go ahead...

With this tool, the only time taken is by the responding server, you are faster than the server!

Note: has been tested carefully. It doesn't affect IRCTC performance. Don't click Login, Find Trains, Go buttons until the browser finishes loading irctc webpage.

Enjoy Easy and Quick tatkal Booking :)